Teaching Experience


“Advanced Quantitative Techniques”

“Applied and Operations Research for Health and Development: The Ugandan Case”

“Approaches to Sustainable Development”

“Business Statistics”

“Complex Emergencies, Refugees and Migrants”

“Entrepreneurship and Development”

“Fleeing from Famine – The Management of Forced Migration”

“Health & Development Interventions: New Approaches”

“HIV/AIDS Programming for Development: The Successful Case of Thailand”

“Health and Development Programming in Post-Disaster Settings”

“Human Rights Advocacy and Research”

“Impact Evaluation”

“Improving the Quality of Life of Children: Health, Work and Education”

“Information and Communication Technologies for International Development”

“International Political and Economic Relations”

“Introduction to Quantitative Analysis”

“Introduction to Research Analysis”

“Learning How to Learn with Technology”

“Methods of Evaluation for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care”

“Monitoring and Evaluation”

“Monitoring and Evaluation for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Other Behavioral Intervention Programs”

“New Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluation in Health and Development”

“Program Design”

“Program Implementation for HIV/AIDS and Related Development Programs”

“Program Management, Monitoring and Evaluation with examples from HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and TB and a focus on Developing Countries”

“Program Monitoring”

“Project Planning for International Health and Development”

“Refugee and Migrant Health and Development”

“Research Methods in Social Sciences”

“Six Decades of International Development”

“Sustainable Tourism in Africa: A Pathway to Development?”

“Understanding Child Labor in the Context of Child Rights”

“Urban Resilience to Climate Change”

“Western Civilization"